Financial Stability With Gold, Silver, Platinum and Jewelry.

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Now everyone can afford to own gold.

Exchange paper money for real gold.


A once in a lifetime opportunity centered around a very simple concept.

Our Mission:

To provide individuals with the tools required to enhance their lives, achieve their dreams and build massive wealth.











Watching each video will give you an in-depth overview of Karat Bars and Karat Coin Bank.

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One gram at a time can ensure a better financial future.

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Buy Affordable Solid Gold By The Gram

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Our Technology Products:
K1 Impulse Phone
Whim Laptop
Cash Gold - C.E.M
K Merchant

Saving 24kt Gold Bullion Bars by the gram in small user-friendly denominations has never been easier. Create your FREE Karatbars account today and start exchanging your fiat currency into gold. Earn residual income while doing so with the affiliate program.

People all over the globe have found that this investment practice and business opportunity Gold | Silver | Platinum offers outdoes all similar programs and it is absolutely free. The best part is there’s no monetary investment necessary. To acquire a free pure gold savings account and start a legacy for yourself and your family today. Refer to others and acquire pure gold bars by the gram for free as they to acquire gold for themself.


Karat Coin Bank is one of the first cryptocurrency banks in the world which is fully licensed. The focus of this bank is to develop the karat gold coins into a mainstream payment system. The licensing of the bank offers you security thus you can rely on this cryptocurrency bank as a method of payment. With this bank, now you can have access to all it's banking services using cryptocurrency itself. Now you can use your Karat Gold Coins (KBC) pretty much just like your fiat currency.


This makes the Karat Gold Coin (KBC) a stable means of exchange. A Karat Gold Coin (KBC) is inflation-protected as the demand for the cryptocurrency increases so will the intrinsic value. The bank’s management has the expertise of cryptocurrency trading. They will let you know the procedure and even work on your behalf to leverage the value of their karat gold coins into currency.

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